National Honor Society Membership FAQ

National Honor Society Membership FAQ

Q: Who is the National Honor Society Advisor?
A: Mr. Jeffrey Tolson, School Counselor (

Q: What is the minimum required GPA to meet the scholarship requirement?
A:  Unweighted GPA of exactly 3.630 or higher.

Q: When are student's GPA calculated to determine eligibility for National Honor Society?
A: Academic eligibility is determined by the 4th or 6th semester unweighted GPA.

Q: I was in the National Honor Society at my previous school, now what?
A: Students who were inducted in a chapter at another school can transfer to the Newtown Chapter of the National Honor Society.

Q: I'm new to Newtown High School and I'm Junior with a 3.68 GPA, do I qualify for the National Honor Society?
A: Students new to our school must have a minimum of one semester at Newtown High School to be considered academically eligible.

Q: When is induction typically held?
A: The induction is once a year in the Fall.

Q: When are the Society's meetings?
A: The Society meetings for the 2017-18 School Year are once a month. All meetings are mandatory. Information regarding the meetings will be emailed to all members.

Q: Where can I find the National Honor Society By-Laws and Constitution?
A: On the NHS National Honor Society Blogspot.  Google it.

Q:  How many total hours of community service do I need?
A: 90 total hours (in-school or out of school).

Q:  What Leadership do I have to demonstrate?
A:  Active leadership in at least two organizations, one of which is affiliated with Newtown High School 

Q: What is the Honor Society Timeline?
A:  Step 1 (Summer): GPA's are calculated. 

Step 2 (Early/Mid July): Students whose fourth or sixth semester GPA of exactly 3.630 or higher 
are notified through USPS, Naviance, and/or E-mail of their eligibility. Parents are also notified through this method. 

Step 3( Late July-August): Students complete the student informational packet  and return the School Counseling office. 

Step 4 (Early September): Faculty council reviews the student informational packet.

Step 5 (September): Students are notified of their acceptance or denial to the 
Newtown Chapter of the National Honor Society

Step 6 (September): Students who were denied acceptance to the Honor Society 
may further clarify their informational packet to Chapter Advisors. 

Step 8 (Mid to Late October): Induction Ceremonies

What are examples of leadership activities that demonstrate Leadership at Newtown High School?

Link Crew
Create a club, drive, etc
Captain/Assistant Captain of an NHS team
Leader of a club or office-holder of a club
Mentoring a NHS student for at least a quarter of the school year
Peer Tutoring a NHS Student for at least a quarter of the school year
Library/Media Center volunteer

Career Center volunteer